The Sundered Eagle

This is the book I just mentioned, pictured here so that I can play with WordPress’s blog formatting. I don’t know what I’m doing and rather than ask for help I’ll just experiment.

I think my friend CJ led this book, spurred to activity after a¬†solicitation¬†from our line editor and marshaling Mark, Andrew, and me into the mix. One of the great pleasures of this book was that I got to meet my fellow authors and line editor, a difficult task since I live in the States, CJ and Mark in England, Andrew in Germany, and David in Japan. We were all in Cheltenham at the same time for an Ars Magica convention and took some time to hold a super-secret meeting and ass-whipping. (We were terribly behind the scheduled deadlines and I feared that David would take us to task for it. He didn’t, nice chap that he is).

Here is a picture of CJ and I smoking outside a supermarket.

Authors? We look like criminals.